(Key) in Twitter name

Posted on Aug 28 2019 - 9:58pm

This was mentioned at the beginning of the hunt as a suggestion by the organizers. Been awhile though. If you are a hunter for Satoshi's Treasure, add  to your Twitter name !

Website updated

Posted on Aug 28 2019 - 9:39pm

Website updated with all clues/keys
@toshitreasure #satoshistreasure #sthuntnews​

Key Drop - UNKNOWN

Posted on Aug 26 2019 - 2:29pm


A new clue will be released soon on Aug 26th 11:00pm New York Time. In addition to the key, the first hunter who solve the clue and unlock the key will get $100 in BTC as the additional prize!

@toshitreasure #satoshistreasure #keydrop #sthuntnews

YouTube Subscribe

Posted on Aug 14 2019 - 11:07pm

Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get notified when I release new videos !