Clue #1

Posted on Jun 09 2019 - 10:21am

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Sometimes in the course of a hunt you may be called on to do a favor for the vast and mostly unseen group of people who're tasked with making sure this and future Hunts are run without any issues. In this case, three members of the Organization are in need of specific objects to complete a task, the nature of which you don't need to concern yourselves with. Hunters are expected to be able to find anything anywhere, so we assume you'll be able to find our field agents with a simple photograph. If that's not enough, maybe you aren't cut out for the Hunt!

Field agents are a rule-bound bunch, however, so please make sure to observe protocol down to the letter. When you have located the Field Agent, approach them and ask /Excuse me, were you looking for this?/ and offer the object with both hands. The Field Agent will reward you with a unique Hunt key for your troubles. Do not attempt to speak to or interact with the Field Agent in any other way. If you approach someone and ask them the Question and they don't seem to know what you are talking about, you can be confident that you have the wrong person. Apologize, and continue to search for your target.

Your targets:

 Agent One Agent Two Agent Three

Here are the three original pictures made available in this clue: