Clue #1

Posted on Aug 28 2019 - 7:10pm

Time & Space

Several keys have been placed at various locations around the world:

1) Chicago - World Key available 08/12/2019 - 08/14/2019 local time (41°52'18.1"N 87°37'35.4"W)

2) Seattle - World Key available 08/14/2019 6:00pm - 08/16/2019 local time (47°37'00.7"N 122°20'08.1"W)

1 additional key will be delivered to everyone who also documents their process of Key retrieval (the whole process) and subsequently posts it on any platform- Twitter, Youtube, etc...

Email us ( the video link with the subject "Cache02Video" and you will have the additional key

Limit 1 additional key per cache for each hunter.


The location of the Seattle (#2) was TBD when the clue was released and was not posted until almost 6PM (local time)