Posted on May 25 2019 - 2:52pm

On April 13, 2019 a message from the sky announced Satoshi's Treasure hunt, with a winning prize in Bitcoin worth $1 million USD.  The message was transmitted through Blockstream Satellites across the world.  Luckily someone was listening and shared the message with the rest of us.  The message was written in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean demonstrating the global nature of the hunt.  The full content of the original message is contained below.

The organizers of the hunt will be providing up to 1,000 clues, when solved will each result in a "key".  If you can obtain 400 unique keys, you can combine them together to claim the prize. 

The message contained a link to a website (www.satoshitreasure.xyz) as well as the first 3 clues to obtain 3 unique keys.  See the Keys section, on the left, for more information on those.

The hunt is on !