Posted on Jul 21 2019 - 7:07pm

Hit the street

Clan or individuals around the world will get one key through completing a number of unplanned interviews on the street. Ask questions and receive the opinion of random people on topics related to Satoshi’s Treasure, crypto, treasure hunting, and the Blockchain. The goal of this exercise is to generate a dialogue around these topics, and to help educate and promote the spreading of related ideas and practice.

Example questions:

“Have you heard of Satoshi’s Treasure? What do you think it is?” “Do you have Bitcoin?” “What do you think the best use is for cryptocurrency?” “In what ways can cryptocurrency change to become more mainstream?” “Give your best description of ‘the blockchain。’” “Would you be more interested in playing a game that rewards prize in cryptocurrency - knowing that the value of the prize might increase or decrease with time?”

Interview Videos Submit Channels:

Use your own twitter or Weibo account to post videos, meanwhile add topic #ststreetkey, follow and @ Satoshistreasure(Weibo account) or @ toshistreasure(Twitter account).

Satoshi’s Treasure will provide The Street Key to all creators. Meanwhile, the individual or clan who interviews the most people during this campaign will get another additional key. Note: please show your twitter or weibo ID when you are shooting; high-quality video could be utilized by ST as part of our media and educational program.

End date:

11:59pm EST on 29th, July, 2019