Posted on Jul 21 2019 - 1:50pm

From Clue #1 we had to find the DLive streamers that matched the pictures provided.

Agent Clue DLive streamer
1 Enforcerj
2 KangGaming
3 Flowdriver
4 VirtualBacon1
5 Ltzonda
6   Pygoz

Clue #2, one found, made finding Flowdriver much easier.

For a whole week Satoshi's Treasure hunters watched these live streams to get keys.

Most streamers broke up the QR code and password into multiple pieces.  You had to "patch" the QR code pieces together to be able to scan.  You had to try different combinations of the password pieces provided to get the actual password.

The pieces should still be available in the streamer's replays from that week.