Clue #2

Posted on Jul 21 2019 - 1:57pm

The following announcement was made on the DLive website.

DLive x Satoshi Treasure

JULY 8, 2019  1 MIN READ

DLive is partnering with Satoshi Treasure! Satoshi Treasure is a treasure hunt where a $1 million prize in BTC is hidden away and can be unlocked by collecting 400 different keys. Keys are unlocked by completing quizzes, puzzles, and various other objectives. 6 DLive streamers will each have 1 different key that they will be awarding to those who are worthy, tune in their streams this week to get a head start!

Only 6 keys can be unlocked on DLive. To hunt for the other keys, checkout the Satoshi Treasure website 

Time Period To Find DLive Keys
July 8th to July 14

What You Need To Know:

  • There are 6 keys are hidden within DLive. Here are the clues:
  • After completing the objective required to unlock a key, you will get one QR code and one passphrase that will unlock the key
  • More clues and access to other puzzles that unlock other keys are available on
  • The first individual or group to unlock 400 different keys wins the $1 million prize money

Good Luck!