Posted on Jun 24 2019 - 11:09pm

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Clans are the essence of any Hunt. Due to the incredible variety of skills required to win, a lone Hunter has almost no chance of winning the Hunt—instead the spoils will go to the strongest Clan. Today’s clue is a fun way to show your clan’s cohesion and win a truly unique key!

Step 1: To start a chain, shoot a video of yourself outside making your clan's secret gesture. This can be anything you want, so get creative, but everyone in the chain must use the same gesture to be counted. Post the video on twitter with the following hashtags: #satoshistreasure #clanchain, the name of your clan (e.g. #catclan) and the "block number" (e.g. #44).

Step 2: To extend the chain, the next person should have someone shoot a video of them holding a phone playing the previous video in the chain, and making the same secret gesture, and then quote-tweet the previous "block" in the chain, with hashtags, clan name, and the "block number."

Step 3: Same as step 2, but this time the next clan member should be showing the video from Step 2 rather than the genesis block.

Note: if anyone in the chain attempts to "double-spend" by posting twice, the entire chain after that invalid block will be considered invalid. Using video filters is OK, but any that completely obscure your face may result in your block being considered invalid.

On June 15th at midnight GMT, whichever clan has the longest chain will receive the Clan Key, a unique key which should be safeguarded from all other clans. The key will be given to the person who started the chain, to be distributed to clan members or not, according to clan rules.