Posted on Dec 18 2019 - 1:16pm

Jason's Game is built on Tupelo - a blockchain based on the ChainTree concept.  A ChainTree is a data structure that combines the ability to store data and keep a record of past transactions. 

All of the locations, items, and interactions of Jason's Game are stored in ChainTrees. The game client reads the ChainTree for your current location and that determines what you can/can't do at that specific location.  The locations are then linked together via interactions, e.g. "north" or "go through portal".

 I built a ChainTree explorer for the game to look at these data objects.  I've provided HTML versions of the game ChainTrees for you to view so you can learn more about the game, ChainTrees, and Tupelo.

You can "walk through" these ChainTrees just like in the game.  Each HTML file has the current state of the object at the beginning (/tree/data) and the history (/chain) at the end.  Find the interaction and click on the DID for that interaction to see the next step/location.  Here are the starting points:

Its also interesting to take a look at how objects you pick up are represented in ChainTrees:

Everything is stored in the blockchain, including the winners:

To find out more on how all this works, take a look at

Thank you to Quorum Control, the company behind Tupelo, and Satoshi's Treasure for a really fun game !