What hasn't worked...

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What hasn't worked...

I'm starting from scratch on this key and am going to start posting all the things I've tried that have not worked.  Have forgotten half of them already....

Maybe it will help someone else not waste time for their attempts.

Steven Bass

1) Gave a go at scanning the noise area of the doll through a JAB code scanner (https://jabcode.org/scan), but no message found.

2) Tried viewing it as an autostereogram, but didn't see any 3D image

3) Tried converting to mp3 (and some other audio formats), but the conversion failed

Tim jankowski

So i foudn the bible verse that says  Nothing is covered that will not be known. used this as a code in steg and got a bigger image of static. now im working this



What if "Nothing is covered that is not known" means we already know ( without knowing that we know) could it mean that we need to take the audio file from before and use it as the code to reveal the static noise? Or could it mean that the clues we need are in other older keys?  The fact that the original cover image for the audio had mirrored lettered on it might also be a clue.